Tent Services is a very affordable service currently based in my garage in South Minneapolis that provides Expeditionary Conversation Tents for checkout. The tents are meant for 2-15 people to undertake an expedition in which the primary purpose is to converse with friends, strangers, family and significant others or to hold a meeting, class &c.

There are 6 tents: two each of small, medium and large sizes. They are made of canvas and are easily set up, even if you have never set up a tent before. They are meant for expeditions to indoor spaces where together you will create a space for conversation.

To check out a tent, you agree to fill out a report form of your expedition—what you talked about, in as much or little detail as you are comfortable with. As part of this you will email a few photos (or bring drawings, paintings or other visual documentation) of the tent while you were using it.

Tents may be reserved in advance by visiting the website www.tentservices.org and following the directions in the “How to” section.

To check out a tent you need:
•$25 dollars
•To email some pictures of your expedition
•To bring your tent back at its specified return time
•To promise to be responsible for the tent and treat it with care
•To undertake your expedition with intention and thoughtfulness

Peter Haakon Thompson