To check out a tent:

1. First determine which tent you want to check out, there are 3 sizes, you can see pictures on this site of each tent. Each tent is $25 dollars for a week.
Numbers 1 and 2
10 foot diameter
fits up to 15 people

Numbers 3 and 4
7 ½ foot diameter
fits up to 8 people

Numbers 5 and 6
5 foot diameter
fits 2 people

2. Look at the calendar to determine if the tent you wish to use is reserved. When you have an open date, email your request to tent(at)tentservices(dot)org

3. You will receive a confirmation email and further details about your pick up.

4. The tents are currently housed in a garage in South Minneapolis, I will make arrangements with you on where and when to pick up. Tents are checked out/in on a date that we arrange, check out time is variable but $25 for a week.

Questions? Email tent(at)tentservices(dot)org
Or call Peter Haakon Thompson 612 205 6710


The tents work best inside, both physically and conceptually. Setting them up inside creates a feeling of a special space that is more fort-like and conducive to conversation.

Physically their design makes them freestanding and easy to set up but that also means they are not as sturdy outdoors and in wind.

The tents are relatively portable but not as light as a camping tent, it is helpful to come with a few others to help carry the parts.

Colin was not going far and this is a small tent!